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If you are a Landlord: from 1st October 2015 you are obliged to inform Irish Water that you not the occupier of the property and provide them with details of the tenant within 20 working days of any change of occupation. All tenants – except those in short term lets – are obliged to discharge the monies owing to Irish Water. If you, the landlord, do not notify Irish Water of these details you may become liable for any monies owing.

If you are selling or buying a property: If there are monies due by the seller themselves, their solicitor will be obliged to withhold monies from the net proceeds of the sale and forward it to Irish Water within 20 days of the sale closing. The property buyer’s solicitor is not obliged to enquire if the monies have been discharged as water charges are not a charge on the dwelling and remain the responsibility of those that incurred the liability.

Homeowners are reminded that they were required to register their dwellings with Irish Water by 31 October 2015. For those who do not pay the charge there will be two possible methods of collection in the future through (1) attachment of earnings or (2) deduction from social welfare payments. However these provisions under the Civil Debt (Procedures) Act 2015 are not yet in effect.

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